Couldn’t Care Less?

Couldn’t Care Less?

Couldn’t Care Less?
More Fun and Motivation in Management
ISBN 978-3-86881-327-2 
Redline Verlag, Munich 2012

The Audacious Management Tool
Management executives will stop at nothing to get their fat paychecks, big bonuses and showy company cars. Surrounded by an army of beautiful, blond secretaries, they stop at nothing to get their kicks, particularly on business trips at the company’s expense. That is the skewed picture we have of top managers in the media.

But what many managers are really looking for is not power and status symbols. What most executives are missing out on is simply more fun at work. Pressure to succeed, unclear orders, fighting fires instead of dealing with the real problems – these daily pressures have become an exhausting and tedious routine: any fun has long since been forgotten. As a result, more and more managers are ending up on their therapist’s couch or in the doctor’s waiting room.

Don’t want to work yourself to the bone anymore? Then get off the treadmill!

How to get rid of fun killers without giving in to temptation yourself: Klaus Schuster knows the best strategies for more success through less stress.

Couldn’t Care Less? Is a bold management tool and clever coach in one.

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