One who can do it

Recently, a manager called me and said what many callers say: “I have many good people. But for the current top project I need someone who has already done something similar–and with success!“

What he meant was: One who knows how to bring projects to the finish line, even if at first sight they look futile or if they are severely sagging, or in crisis, or under pressure. Projects or tasks that other consultants, managers and experts would rather not touch, don’t dare to tackle.

I dare to tackle them because: I now have the necessary experience and proven success with it. I know what matters, because I experience it every day in my projects. I am what is called a turnaround manager. Whoever knows this will engage me. For weeks, months, years. It depends. No matter where–I receive enquiries from the whole region. From all industries and company sizes. Because a project is a project. At the end, there must always be success: your success.

What are your burning issues? Is there anything to restructure? Would you like to establish a new business area? Is a strategic project crashing? Does any main department or division need a turnaround? Is a project running, but doesn’t seem to come to a close? If yes, I am your man.

If you want to know what I’ve done in the past few years, call me. I will be happy to tell you about my life and my projects. Of course, if you want to talk to one of my clients, I’ll put you in touch. With pleasure.