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Your Success Is My Goal

Advisors give advice. That’s what they do. But advice without action is like having a head but no hands. It can be extremely difficult to get the newly acquired know-how from the heads of your employees into their proactive hands. Even the most brilliant consulting concept is only brilliant when it is actually implemented by your people (who are able AND willing – which is unfortunately not always the case – but I don’t have to tell you that!).

In order to ensure that the practical know-how transfers from the head to the hands of your employees successfully, I roll up my sleeves and take a hands on consulting approach, for example:

  • I take a ride on the forklift to see what’s going wrong in the warehouse.
  • I stand at the point of sale and carry out the work there to see why the customers are doing what they do there. Then I show the sales people directly at the point of sale how to do it better – and let the staff try it out there themselves, that is the essence of ISA – the Instant Success Approach.
  • I accompany the sales people who go out to the customers until they have reached their sales targets (you will be amazed, how quickly that works …).
  • I take over a director’s position when that is the best chance of helping them achieve their targeted goal.
  • I create the concepts which need to be put into action together with the bosses and employees.
  • I support them in the implementation until success is achieved. Their success.

Because that is what counts: their success.

This is the promise that I am making to you, for all of your business related issues, problems, challenges, projects and tasks concerning strategy development, organization, sales, marketing, HR, operations, product and project management.

Tina Poje What can I do for you and your company’s success?

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