Courageous Leadership

The Daring Bird

The Daring Bird Gets the Worm
7 surprising leadership principles for courageous managers
ISBN: 978-3-86881-038-7 
Redline Verlag, Munich 2010

Can you achieve more with a laissez-faire attitude, a complete lack of fear and a penchant for getting on people’s nerves? Who would have thought that letting your hair down, taking things easy, and ignoring the advice of your sales executives could have such a positive effect on your own career than by following the usual management principles?

This book gives you 7 refreshingly audacious, extraordinary paths for improving your management career – namely exactly those things that classical management training would never have dared to point out. The principles are amazingly simple but their implementation requires a good deal of courage.

Manager-Coach Klaus Schuster advises: Dare to do these 7 simple things! Carefully planned daring gives you an advantage over and above the management mainstream. Super managers are characterized by the fact that they choose to dare – not just anything, but the right things.

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