Caution: Management Morons at Work

Caution: Management Morons at Work
How to protect yourself from bad bosses and other daily work frustrations
ISBN: 978-3868817188
Redline Verlag, München 2018

Many people experience this: they feel like a hamster on a wheel, and on top of that they are punished with asshole bosses and pig colleagues who make their work life a living hell. Nobody can work effectively in these conditions! Anyone who is plagued by murderous thoughts whenever they think of the madness in their job, is holding the right book in their hands!

In “Caution: Management Morons at Work” Klaus Schuster presents simple and effective anti-asshole strategies that require some courage to implement, yet work well to successfully and sustainably resist your troublemaker boss and mobbing colleagues and other disruptive factors at work.

A book for anyone who wishes to go to work with a more relaxed attitude!

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