Klaus Schuster Action Management

A letter from Klaus

One of the most frequently asked questions I get at the moment is: “When will you finally be done shutting down that bank? We need you!” After publishing the 2015 first quarter results not long ago the answer is: “Very soon! After a year and a half there is only a quarter of the bank left!”

And what is your benefit from it? The experiences I made in this project I can now exclusively use for your benefit. One thing I can already tell you today: I did not only experience but also learnt a lot in this project. Not only how to negotiate with customers and owners in critical situations but also how to support business clients looking for new financing options during a financial crisis, how to motivate employees to bring top performance in difficult times although everybody knows their jobs will be gone in the end. How to involve media and public into my work, how to choose and use the right strategy and tactics for court cases, how to sell property in spite of everybody saying there is no demand and much much more.

It does not matter if you hire me as your coach, speaker, consultant or manager of one of your projects: life is very different after you managed such an important project unique in Europe as CEO with your team compared to just theoretical excellence before.

And when do I have time for you again? As said, very soon already! If you already have a concrete project in mind and would like to discuss it with me please call me (+386 40 255 555) or send me an e-mail ks@klausschuster.eu.

Klaus Schuster