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A letter from Klaus

Many people ask me: “What are you doing now?” They know that I recently completed a major project: the successful privatisation of a company from the automotive supply branch, with 4,000 employees. We are especially proud of the financial restructuring of the company together with 16 financial institutions, in the total amount of 250 million euros. On behalf of six owners. Now, the company is well on the way to a bright future. But that does not answer the question of what I’m up to now, after that.

Of course, after such a challenging project, I first relaxed thoroughly, jogged a lot, went often to my beloved mountains and spent a lot of time with my no less beloved family. During this time, many interested parties already sent their inquiries.

Because the word has spread that I like to tackle those projects, tasks and challenges that others pass on. And so, for the next few months, I have again taken on a nice, challenging, ambitious project for an industrial company. The company wants to separate itself from some demanding parts of the business in the most discrete and value-optimal way possible. A difficult thing, but as I said: I love challenges and challenges love me.

At the same time, I continue to receive many requests for seminars, in-house workshops and executive coaching–because the world is not getting easier and the pressure to succeed is increasing. In addition, I and my coachees, supervised companies and workshop participants will of course now benefit from my extensive experience with such intense and “hot” projects. So, if I can support you competently in any matter, if I can do something for your success–feel free. Call me. Or email me.

Klaus Schuster

Klaus Schuster