Practical, Individualized Training

Practical, Individualized Training

Half of every training budget is money thrown out the window, that’s pretty common knowledge now, because in most types of training, knowledge is passed on (which is absolutely necessary and good) but knowledge bereft of all meaning and context doesn’t work in practice.

For example, a trainer can speak nonstop for five hours to a salesperson about the 354 criteria required for closing a successful deal – the salesman, however, still won’t sell any better afterwards. That’s why I don’t bother overwhelming the salesforce in some seminar room at all. Healthy common sense says: train the salespeople (first) in their natural environment: with customers, on the telephone, when making cold calls, calling back and when dealing with complaints. I accompany the participant throughout their day, checking over their shoulder, improving their performance on site and providing the training that I’ve seen to be necessary to improve their personal working practices afterwards, in an in-house seminar.

I do this with every participant, regardless of their area of operation, the type of company, the particular industry or the level of hierarchy.

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